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  • The Refresh vol.3: Chia pets, cottagecore, and my weirdest quarantine purchase so far

    Welcome to The Refresh! Every Wednesday I share the things that are getting me over the hump and through the week. 

    1 // Trend alert: Curves for days

    Arches have been #trending for awhile now, and I’m still here for it. Last week, I shared the arched canopy bed that has me head over heels. And we’ve been rocking a curved wall mirror in our soon-to-be-complete master suite. (Similar here and here.

    But now, I’m seeing curved lines everywhere. It’s not just doorways anymore, folks. Candle holders, styling objects, and planters are jumping on the arch train. 

    2 // Pan-decorating is here, y’all. I’m not alone!

    Two weeks into Shelter in Place, I redid my entryway, finalized plans for our bathroom renovation, and started blogging again (hi!). What can I say? I process by doing. And now that Vox has declared that pan-decorating is A Thing, I feel somewhat vindicated.

    3 // The Chia Pet gets a chic upgrade

    Remember Chia Pets? Well, the Terraplanter takes that idea to a whole new hydroponic level. And it vaguely reminds me of our Alexa.

    4 // Cottagecore as the ultimate escapism

    Do you follow @HillHouseVintage? Because you should. Her idyllic life in the English countryside is just the form of escapism I need right now. Loved this profile of her in the NYT where she discusses her former life as a fashion editor, accidental stardom, and finding joy in Victorian button-back chairs.

    5 // My new Sunday night ritual

    I’ve been more religious about my weekly skincare routine and my skin feels amazing after a facial steam–squeaky clean and fully refreshed.

    6 // My weirdest (but best?!) quarantine purchase so far

    I love bacon as much as the next carnivore, but in our house, it’s usually reserved for the occasional Sunday morning since it’s such a production. But I purchased this bacon-making tool on a whim last week and WOW. It’s legit the easiest, quickest way to make bacon. And there’s zero mess or grease to speak of.

    I know I sound like an infomercial, but the world NEEDS TO KNOW.

    7 // Last but not least: A sale!

    To give a little extra sweetness to your three day weekend, we’re doing a Memorial Day Sale over on The Vintage Rug ShopUse Code SUNSHINE at checkout for 20% off of your entire purchase! (Exclusions apply)


    1. Have you baked your bacon before? pull out a cookie sheet, put it on it. put in cold over, turn over to 350 and it’s done in 10 minutes, more if it’s thick cut. You can turnit if you want to , but its not necessary.

      1. Yes! Actually this is what we typically do as well, but it can still be messy to clean up. Bacon in the oven and this new microwave thing make THE BEST bacon.

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